Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kids are hilarious, especially when they aren’t trying to be! Friends of San Joaquin Magazine’s Facebook page shared some of their favorite tidbits from their littlest family members.

“My baby sister told us she had a dream of walking on the beach when a big wave went over her and knocked her down. She says, ‘talk about a wet dream.’ We couldn’t stop laughing.” – Esteban Medina

“My little one kept telling her gymnastics teacher ‘I have a pimple named Peaches,’ so they finally asked me why would she give a pimple a name? I said, ‘she is trying to tell you she has a Pit Bull named Peaches.’ It never gets old!” – Angela Kay Sanchez

“When asking my nephew if he was done in the bathroom after being in there a very long time, “Nope, I am ordering up another one.” – Doni Horn

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