Boudoir, Baby!

Boost your confidence and wow your babe with an extra special wedding gift Sexy is not my thing. I’ve always known it, but 15 other women learned one evening I was forced to participate in a “fitness” pole dancing class. The amount of awkward I […]

By the Numbers: Sample Wedding Budget

Regardless of how much money you have to spend, professionals offer an average wedding budget breakdown so brides know where to allocate funds. 50%  A whopping half of your budget will go toward the wedding reception. 2% How much of your overall budget should be […]

Dog Day

What better way to celebrate National Dog Day (on August 26) than to save a life! It’s no secret that San Joaquin County is fighting overpopulation, as thousands of dogs are euthanized throughout the year. Adopting a shelter dog not only aids a community epidemic, […]

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A Tropical Taste

Nothing screams summer quite like a Pina colada. The fruity aroma somehow perfectly complements the scent of sun screen, and the luxury felt while lounging under an umbrella with one in hand is practically unparalleled. Playing off the classic cocktail’s sweet tropical flavors and amping […]

Full Moon Riders

There are plenty of ways to explore our Port Side City, and Downtown Stockton Alliance invites you to hit the streets with fellow bicyclists under the full moon. Full Moon Riders was first launched in July 2015, under the guidance of DSA’s Chief Operating Officer, […]

Miracle Mover

Fat grafting grants our wishes Almost every woman on the planet has, at one time, wished for magic powers that allow her to move fat from unwanted, to desired, areas. No need for a genie in a bottle, as Fat Grafting and Fat Transfer easily […]

Kayak Culture

There’s something special about disconnecting and immersing yourself in the beautiful solitude of nature. You’re unreachable. Stresses fade as the ding of incoming emails are replaced by chirping birds. You focus on the rhythmic motion required to propel your kayak gracefully forward, and enter an […]

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Travel Talk

Summer is almost here, and the time for travel is upon us! You’ve survived this wet winter, and are ready to catch some serious rays and enjoy your perfect vacation. For some, it’s all about R&R (rest and relaxation), for others, adventure, for many more, […]

Preparing for Higher Education

Help your high schooler excel in their final years, and set them up for ongoing success with a few easy steps: Identify strengths, and focus on them. No one is good at everything. And as a parent, it’s important to acknowledge your child’s strengths and […]

Wonder Women

Going beyond their day jobs, these women are transforming what it means to live in San Joaquin County. These inspirations—stewards of our communities, pillars of our neighborhoods—have earned the title of Wonder Women.

2017 Cosmetic Trends

Women, we are beautiful. Each and every one of us. This beauty is radiated as we lovingly raise our children, support our friends and family, put our best into our work, and the list goes on. It’s not about how we look; it’s about how […]

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