Travel Talk

By Lindsey Rodrian

Summer is almost here, and the time for travel is upon us! You’ve survived this wet winter, and are ready to catch some serious rays and enjoy your perfect vacation. For some, it’s all about R&R (rest and relaxation), for others, adventure, for many more, survival (if it’s a family vacation).

Whatever your need to roam—consider your dream, destination, and dynamic to make the most out of your travels. The brood you bring with you is just as important as where you’re going and what you’re doing. Make plans with people that want the same, and organize trips with attendees in mind.

An old boss once corrected me when I asked him how his vacation went. “When the kids come, it’s a trip, not a vacation,” he laughed. And that is often times true. When it comes to good old fashion family vacations, it can be tough to plan outings that keep everyone smiling, especially if there are age gaps involved. Try to plan one special experience for each age bracket or collective interest.

Have preteens and toddlers on your roster? Check with your hotel to see if they provide any camps, or hire a babysitter, and plan a “grown up” activity to curb the hormonal ‘tude of your almost-high-schoolers.

Craving a relaxing week, but your hubby is hungry for adventure? Split off! Annual “boys” and “girls” getaways reap benefits for both parties, as they nurture friendships, individual identity, and strengthen your relationship. Spend a few days at a spa while the guys hit the slopes, and reconvene—refreshed—with tons of great stories to share.

Finally taking the Euro Trip of your dreams?! Be conscious of who you invite. Everyone has a different level of tolerance for jet lag, new environments, close quarters, and unfamiliar experiences. Traveling abroad is exciting and different, and often calls for flexibility and spontaneity. Make sure your travel partner isn’t easily overwhelmed by schedule switch ups, lodging mishaps, or long travel times.

Of course, no amount of ‘thinking ahead’ can cover every possible outcome. But, a bad attitude can quickly kill a trip. So, keep communication open, keep people in mind, and most of all—enjoy yourself!


Get the Most Out of Your Trip & Travel Partners:

  1. Something for Everyone. Communicate in advance, so that you are aware of the type of experience each person in your party is hoping for.
  2. Ride or Die. There’s good reason why people say you learn a lot about someone when traveling together. Choose wisely.
  3. Hug it Out. Agree to disagree and move on. No reason to waste time arguing during a vacation everyone invested in.
  4. Money Talks. Clarify financial arrangements and expectations before you book anything.
  5. One and Only. Find time to be alone during your trip; you’ll enjoy it.