By the Numbers: Sample Wedding Budget

By Lindsey Rodrian

Regardless of how much money you have to spend, professionals offer an average wedding budget breakdown so brides know where to allocate funds.


A whopping half of your budget will go toward the wedding reception.


How much of your overall budget should be dedicated to the ceremony.


That dream wedding dress comes at a price. Ensure you get the dress, and the tux, of your dreams by setting aside this much for attire.


Depending how much you love fresh blooms, and which flowers are on your wish list, this number could fluctuate quite a bit, but save 10 percent for florals to be on the safe side.


Whether you’ve hired a band, want a DJ to play master of ceremonies, or have a quartet playing the wedding march as you make your way down the aisle, this much of your budget should cover your music and entertainment costs.


A picture lasts a lifetime, and so does that wedding video! Set aside this much for photography and videography services. If you skip the wedding video, you can likely take it down a notch.


Invitations, menus, programs—save this much for your stationary needs.


To be spent on the wedding bling! (Note: this does not include that engagement ring!)


Need to hire a DD for your wedding guests? Want a limo to take you to the airport after your ceremony? That’s what these funds are reserved for.


Attendants put a lot of effort—and money!—into your big day. Thank them with simple bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts + wedding favors.


By the Numbers


The average cost of a wedding in the Sacramento Area


The average cost per guest for a wedding in the Sacramento Area


The average cost of a wedding in the SF/Bay Area


The average cost per guest for a wedding in the SF/Bay Area


The average cost of a reception in the U.S.


The average age of a bride on her wedding day


The average age of a groom on his wedding day


The average number of wedding guests

15 months

The average length of an engagement


Average number of vendors hired for the wedding day


The average number of bridesmaids and groomsmen


The increase in average wedding cost from 1990 to 2014!


The cost of a marriage license in San Joaquin County


The cost of getting married by a judge or commissioner at the courthouse in San Joaquin County


*Information complied from The Knot, and SJ Courts