Miracle Mover

By Lindsey Rodrian

Fat grafting grants our wishes

Almost every woman on the planet has, at one time, wished for magic powers that allow her to move fat from unwanted, to desired, areas. No need for a genie in a bottle, as Fat Grafting and Fat Transfer easily attain your dreams.

The three step process begins with liposuction-a safe and effective way to remove localized fat deposits (commonly taken from the stomach, hips and thighs, or buttocks) and those stubborn pockets of fat that just wont seem to disappear no matter your diet or excise routine. Next, the fat is processed and decanted to remove impurities and damaged cells before it is re-packaged. Finally, it’s injected into areas like the face, breast, hands, or butt to achieve desired results. Because the body reabsorbs a significant percentage of the grafted fat cells, the initial results may feel a bit overly bootylicious. Typically an outpatient treatment, those who opt for fat transfer can head home the very same day, but are encouraged to take a week off work, as liposuction generally calls for a week’s recovery. Women who undergo the procedure will often see the value of waiting for the recovery process to pass before showing off their new figure in public; seeing the liposuction before and after images can give women the confidence to go through with it and excitement of what they could look like.

This process has been used for decades to fill in aging faces’ frown lines, drooping eyebrows, crow’s feet, and deep or overall wrinkles. The minimally invasive procedure requires no facial incisions, and can even improve skin radiance, texture, and tone through a stem-cell response initiated by the injected fat. LipoStructure-a grafting technique used by San Joaquin surgeons-focuses on the cosmetic enhancement of the face, hands, and even lips. Before having any sort of procedure, it’s important that patients learn and read more about the procedure so that they understand what exactly they’re getting themselves into. From the procedure itself to the recovery time, there’s a lot to know so it’s important to research is done beforehand so the correct medical care can be applied in this situation.

Fat grafting is quickly replacing synthetic implants used for breast augmentation or reconstruction (in recent years, it became an excellent option for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy) and Brazilian butt lifts-as it boats a more natural look, shape and feel, and removes the risk of implant rejection. As the big-booty trend continues, this procedure has emerged as the natural alternative to artificial implants-it looks and feels natural because it is. Skilled surgeons place your harvested fat under the skin, muscle and in areas in between to mimic how your body naturally distributes fat. As with any buttock procedure, you will be asked to avoid prolonged sitting for a couple weeks, and sleep face down or on your side to ensure no damage of fat.

If you’re looking to naturally contour your face and body, fill defects, or correct issues from previous liposuction or facelift surgeries-fat grafting could be your fix. Meet with one of the area’s top surgeons to identify your needs and attain the results and look you crave.

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