Spring Awakening: Asparagus

Original Recipes by the Fine Foodie Philanthropist There is something majestic about spring! Maybe it’s the first blooms that brighten your day or the longer days that afford the opportunity to opt outside later into the evenings. But to me, the BEST sign of spring […]

Meet the Maker

John Giannini of Van Ruiten Family Winery How did you get started? After four years of reading about, buying, and tasting wines, I decided to go to California to learn about the process. That was in 1994. I completed the Enology program at California State […]

Parents Magazine

Acquiesce Winery Lodi’s Premier White Wine Source

To acquiesce means to accept. And couldn’t we all stand to accept more fine wines into our lives? If you want to start with some vino of the white variety, then Acquiesce Winery in Acampo is where you need to go. “We’ve lived in Acampo […]

Technology in the Classroom

San Joaquin County Schools Focus on Technology-Based Learning for the Future Imagine visiting a space where possibility is the theme. Where math, science, and other STEM topics come to life before students’ eyes, urging them to solve real-life problems with hands-on learning. In San Joaquin […]

On the Town

A Perfect Complement

Extend the Exhibit Experience at The Haggin Museum Store The historic Haggin Museum, located in Stockton, is an impressive landmark. One that Lisa Falls, manager of the Haggin Museum Store, says that some locals may take for granted. “I know I was guilty of it,” […]

Fearless Traveling

Women-Owned ‘Heart of Travel’ Brings Sustainable Overseas Trips to Northern California Have you ever dreamed of jetting off to Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, or Mexico? These exotic countries in Latin America and beyond are home to ancient ruins, stunning waterfalls, new people, and more. However, […]

Voice of the People

Vox Pop Breathes New Life into Downtown Stockton Downtown Stockton is bursting with creativity. As makers, musicians, and artists converge into this once abandoned part of the city, good things are starting to grow. Among those good things stands Vox Pop. First launched in July […]

Drink Yourself Clean at Nékter Juice Bar

Ah, the start of a new year! Gym memberships suddenly spike, bathroom scales get dusted off, and friends start discussing which diet or cleanse to try. We are 100 percent on board with this uptake in well-intentioned motivation-and here is a local source to help […]

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