A Perfect Complement

By Caitlin Hamer

Extend the Exhibit Experience at The Haggin Museum Store

The historic Haggin Museum, located in Stockton, is an impressive landmark. One that Lisa Falls, manager of the Haggin Museum Store, says that some locals may take for granted.

“I know I was guilty of it,” admits Lisa, though that changed when she started working for the museum’s gift shop. “It’s the best building to be working in in Stockton!”

Open since 1991, the Haggin Museum Store has been the perfect touch for many visitors to the museum. Because while you can’t take the works of art home with you, you can walk away with a reminder of them.

Located on the lower level of the museum, near the history galleries, the Haggin Museum Store is bursting with items that perfectly reflect the museum. Carefully curated by Lisa, the store’s inventory includes items connected to the Haggin’s permanent and temporary collections. Catalogues, prints, books, notecards, personal and home accessories are just a few of the things you can expect to find there. “We provide reproductions of our paintings, but we also want to provide a small token to the visitor,” explains Lisa.  “People enter this building to view our beautiful art and history galleries, and the store needs to complement that visit.”  

In addition to showcasing Stockton’s spectacular art collection, the store also spotlights local talent. Books, ranging from local history to poetry and many written by local authors, can often be found in the store. Lisa also stocks locally made items such as jewelry, candles, and food items. Occasionally, local artists, authors, and musicians can be found in the store, demonstrating their skills.

Though online shopping continues to grow in popularity, there’s just nothing like picking up a souvenir, in person, from a place you’ve visited. And that’s why the gift store continues to thrive. Of course, all visits are enhanced by the help of Lisa’s assistants Cheryl and Barbara, and the many loyal volunteers. And the art collections that the Haggin Museum boasts helps, too. Lisa says that some of the most rewarding interactions she’s had in the store have been with visitors from out of town. Specifically, foreign visitors who make their way to Stockton especially for the Haggin. Naturally, they all end up in the store.

“It’s important to allow visitors to wander through the galleries, and stumble across the store as if it’s all part of their seamless museum visit,” says Lisa. “It’s very rewarding when they walk away with something. A token, a memory.”

Stop By:
The Haggin Museum Store
1201 N Pershing Ave., Stockton
(209) 940-6318


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