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By Alexandra Krueger

Four Family Friendly Stand-Up Comedians

Stand up comedians are having a moment, especially on streaming sites such as Netflix and YouTube. However, there’s no question that many of the stand-up specials featured are a bit too crass for kids to watch. But who doesn’t love the idea of spending quality family time with the brood and laughing until you cry? Here’s a list of some amazing comedians who keep it family-friendly, so everyone can enjoy the show.

Brian Regan

Arguably the best clean-comedian performing today, Brian Regan delivers side-splitting jokes about everything from harrowing visits to the optometrist, to his childhood science project and spelling bee, to driving through “blasting zones” on the highway. With young children of his own, Brian consistently refrains from using profanity or inappropriate humor, and yet he receives praise from teenagers, parents, and fellow comedians alike.

Ellen Degeneres

A famous talk-show host as well as standup comedian, Ellen Degeneres’ routine has been called both observational and absurdist, relying heavily on her nonchalant delivery. Ellen’s specials are always clean, but can be a bit edgier than Brian Regan’s, so she’s a great option if you have kids at home who are older than 13. With her neurotic logic and genuine smile, she’ll have you and your family rolling on the floor laughing in no time.

Jim Gaffigan

He’s an exceptional comedian for families to watch together, especially if the head of your household is a dad with a belly and a love of donuts—or, all foods, really. No, we’re not talking about Homer Simpson, we’re referring to Jim Gaffigan, the palest funny man who will ever make you crave a Hot Pocket. Jim’s genius deadpan-delivery in contrast with his high-pitched mockery of the audience’s opinion of his jokes makes this clean comedian one of the best in the biz.

Bill Engval

This comedian is a family man through and through. A working-class comic, Bill Engval’s material is as clean as it is hilarious, with a good deal of his comedy based on his own life and family. If you like hunting, fishing, and teaching your kids important life lessons, you’ll have a lot to laugh at in any one of Bill’s many stand up specials—each of which is appropriate for all ages!

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