Near and Far, Explore California’s Top 10 Spas

In a world focused on accomplishments, it’s easy to adopt a go-go-go mentality, but it’s impossible to live a life always on overdrive. Instead of deeming relaxation time wasted, see it as a necessary break to refocus mind, body, and soul before returning refreshed to […]

A Taste of Towne House

It’s a Tuesday evening and the chill outside is barely a whisper compared to the warmth in each welcoming smile at Towne House. The jazz band is in full swing, picking at strings on the bass, spilling over piano keys, and breaking out the beat […]

Slice of Life

From milk to market, we learn the art of crafting exquisite cheese Prepare yourselves, my foodie friends. Because today we’re going on a journey through the rich and rewarding world of cheese. That’s right! Those expertly crafted artisan wheels didn’t magically appear in your favorite […]

Hope For The Holidays

“What is my purpose?” Shauna Jacob asked herself while working through The Purpose Driven Life program with her husband at Lodi’s First Baptist Church. Without a clear answer, “We went on a journey to figure it out.” At that time, the mother of two and […]

At Home Mag

5 Hot 5 Cold

Ten Worthy Winter Trips Winter has welcomed cold weather to San Joaquin County giving residents two choices when it comes to this season’s vacation plans: they can either head to the snow-capped mountains where winter activities abound, or they can get the hell out of […]

Blissful Bites

The holiday season is never complete without a freshly baked batch of cookies. Be they ginger snaps, shortbread, or something in between—that delightful smell drifting from room to room is the best way to bring families together. And in honor of the most wonderful time […]

Gifts For Your Guy

Are you stumped about what to get that special guy who geeks out over the coolest new gadgets and gizmos? We put together this list to help you out! The Nerdy Guy: PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset Virtual reality is finally here to stay. You […]

On the Town

Popping Corks & Painting Canvas

Whether your high school creations hung proudly in the art room, or your middle school teacher suggested you instead join math club—everyone harbors their own inner artist. Perhaps this plays part in the roaring popularity of “paint nights”, a concept first marketed by two New […]

Exquisite Tastes at Kyodai

There’s something special about the flavors crafted at Kyodai that can’t be found anywhere else. Ask anyone at the sushi bar or seated at a table and they’ll tell you it’s the dedication of the staff or their passion for food that goes into each […]

Food Truck Craze

The Food Truck craze is quickly conquering our country as a premiere dining experience offering everything from classic funnel cakes to authentic Mexican food and unique takes on street food. Though many consider the industry a trend, New Yorkers in the 1700s thoroughly enjoyed the […]

Cheers to 10 Years – Best of Party 2016

San Joaquin Magazine’s Best Of Party It’s hard to believe that our readers have been selecting their favorites for more than 10 years. To celebrate, San Joaquin Magazine hosted one of the largest parties ever. More than 5,000+ readers voted for their favorites in more categories […]

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