28 Dates in 28 Days

It’s Valentine’s Day-and we’re sorry honey-but dinner and a movie won’t do. Constantly at a loss for date night ideas that make your love feel anew? Here are a few… Race the clock. Does it feel as if your beau is the missing piece to […]

Near and Far, Explore California’s Top 10 Spas

In a world focused on accomplishments, it’s easy to adopt a go-go-go mentality, but it’s impossible to live a life always on overdrive. Instead of deeming relaxation time wasted, see it as a necessary break to refocus mind, body, and soul before returning refreshed to […]

A Taste of Towne House

It’s a Tuesday evening and the chill outside is barely a whisper compared to the warmth in each welcoming smile at Towne House. The jazz band is in full swing, picking at strings on the bass, spilling over piano keys, and breaking out the beat […]

In Season: Oranges

When you’re on the lookout for your Vitamin C fix, what comes to mind? It could very well be that dazzling hue akin to morning sunrises and lazy summer sunsets. Or perhaps you’re a mimosa fan, since we are celebrating this glorious new year and […]

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Blissful Bites

The holiday season is never complete without a freshly baked batch of cookies. Be they ginger snaps, shortbread, or something in between—that delightful smell drifting from room to room is the best way to bring families together. And in honor of the most wonderful time […]

More Mallow Than Meets The Eye

Begin with a marshmallow. You know; those bright-white puffballs you hang over an open fire, or watch disappear into your cocoa on a cold night. Now, add the imagination of Heather and Jennifer Frades, sprinkle in an experimental afternoon in the kitchen, three years of […]

Chocolate Day

Make chocolate its own food group this month in celebration of Chocolate Day on July 7th! Lodi’s Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory knows how to honor this sweet treat. Through the whole month of July, buy three chocolate covered caramels and get one free! Try a […]

Not your Kid’s Slushie

Local boutique wineries Sorelle and Six Hands banded together to open Lodi’s Wine Social, a drinks and small plates hotspot downtown. In an area speckled with upscale wine bars, it’s Wine Social’s expertly blended wine slushies that set it apart. Perfect for a hot day, […]

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Read Between the Lines

  “You know how some teenage girls are nuts about horses? It’s like a disease. Well, it’s like that with books for some people,” Tom Kohlhepp laughs, explaining how he came to be the owner of Tom’s Books Used and New in Lodi. “I always […]

Bring out the Bread Platter

When it comes to serving up a meal that sends our taste buds aquiver, the fox with the fiddle knows best. Located in downtown Lodi, The Dancing Fox wears many hats whilst entertaining their guests. With a wall committed to fine wines, a brick-fire oven […]

In Season: Blueberries

It’s not hard to make a meal out of the blueberry. They’re the perfect snack served warm or cold, they’re ready to eat right off the plant and they make excellent additions to pies, pastries, and plenty of other dishes. Chalk full of antioxidants, they’re […]

Our Cities

Stockton  Our beloved port-side city sits the throne of San Joaquin, providing our county a central hub for our ever growing communities across the region. Bringing in residents both old and new by car, boat and plane, it’s a sprawling metropolis amid an agricultural wonderland […]

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