Bring out the Bread Platter

Bread Platter, The Dancing Fox, Lodi

When it comes to serving up a meal that sends our taste buds aquiver, the fox with the fiddle knows best. Located in downtown Lodi, The Dancing Fox wears many hats whilst entertaining their guests. With a wall committed to fine wines, a brick-fire oven devoted to making tantalizing pizza (among other things!), and a lineup of décor straight out of the Renaissance era, it’s a classy joint that dances to its own tune.

And speaking of tunes, the bread platter they’ve dropped on our table has us singing their praises once again! (Seriously! Have you TRIED their Fox Trot sandwich? Heaven!) Loaded up on a literal platter for your enjoyment, pick up a piece of three freshly baked types and dip it straight into their sweet mustard dipping sauce for flavor you can sink your teeth into again and again!

Tune In Your Tastebuds At:

The Dancing Fox
203 S. School St., Lodi
(209) 366-2634