Flying High

After a long day at work, we all need some help unwinding. And that’s why our friends stop in to Brix and Hops, where an amazing assortment of rotating beer is readily available year-round. Want to try something unique? You can experience it here. Ready […]

On Cloud Nine

The name says it all, boys and girls. We’re on Cloud Nine for House of Ice Cream’s latest and greatest creation at their downtown location in Stockton. Introducing the Cloud Cone! As if Mount Olympus parted for we pitiful mortals to take, but a glimpse, […]

Layered Up

From weddings to baby showers, and all parties in between, we’ve uncovered the perfect party favor for guests to relish long after the day’s fun is done! Baker’s Boutique at Stone Creek in Stockton has assembled a line of cupcakes to dine for. Care to […]

In Season: Strawberries

From its tiny little seeds, to the robust flavor contained in every bite, the strawberry is one fruit that conquers the hearts of all. You can find it dipped in chocolate and ready to eat on Valentine’s Day, it makes for a delectable ingredient in […]

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Art by the Barrel

Sometimes memories are made by more than a moment behind the selfie stick. Every now and then, they’re etched into a signature stem glass, or prepared through a nostalgic dish you’ve enjoyed as far back as you can remember. And now, they’re carved as a […]

Rose All Day

Peltier Winery’s Rouge Rose McCaY Cellars’ Reserve Rose Harney Lane’s Dry Rose

Luau in Downtown Lodi

April 22nd, Downtown Lodi Why take a trip to Hawaiian shores when Lodi Chamber of Commerce’s Waikiki Wine Stroll is ready to roll out the grass skirts and ukuleles—with dozens of local wineries pouring along downtown Lodi’s many unique shops and boutiques. Being one of […]

Tree Huggers Unite

Trees help clean our air-removing fossil fuel emissions, improving air quality, and reducing nearby indoor air pollution by more than 50 percent. They provide us with oxygen, help clean our drinking water, and as the Arbor Day Foundation puts it, “Trees are simply amazing.” Dating […]

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Take My Breath Away

It’s hard to imagine our vibrant agricultural hub as the leading contender in air pollution in the United States. And yet, every day we leave for work, go to school, or take a joy ride, we are breathing in tiny particles that have amassed in […]

History Relived

Bomber Camp reignites Stockton’s military roots on May 30th High above San Joaquin’s skyline, history soars over the region. As one of three left of its kind, the Lockheed PV-2D Harpoon glides into position over the fields below. Its crew steadies the course, manning the […]

Earth Day Life Hacks

You can “Go Green” in all areas of your life, at all times. No need to wait around for Earth Day’s inspiration, although it is a noble one. P2’s i Clean Everything This all-in-one Surface Cleaner Concentrate lives up to its name, cleaning both porous […]

Saving Green

Whether you’re a workaholic putting in yet another twelve-hour shift, a student striving toward your bachelor’s, or an expecting parent, the monetary investments you put into your rainy-day fund, savings account, or stock investments, that you can make by buying or selling shares with the […]

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