On Cloud Nine

By Copper Williams

The name says it all, boys and girls. We’re on Cloud Nine for House of Ice Cream’s latest and greatest creation at their downtown location in Stockton. Introducing the Cloud Cone! As if Mount Olympus parted for we pitiful mortals to take, but a glimpse, the Cloud Cone is surrounded by a thick tuft of cotton candy, delicately settled around a crunchy waffle cone. And topped with your favorite flavors of Gunther’s Ice Cream, straight out of Sacramento.

Pile on your favorite toppings, maybe a donut…and then another scoop of ice cream… And one more donut? Better make that a triple-scooper… And you’ve got yourself a work of art crafted by the foodie gods themselves. All hail the House.

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House of Ice Cream
947 N. El Dorado St., Stockton
(209) 688-3584