Blueberry Bae

By Copper Williams

Topped on ice cream, swamping the warm confines of a Belgian waffle, or spread over the flaky center of a biscuit, you can’t go wrong with the subtle taste of blueberry syrup, or its delectably thicker spread counterpart. But wait! This isn’t your average, corporate-processed product! Alpine Blue Farms, a cute little stop along Highway 26, combines three ingredients to create its lip-smackingly delicious infusions!

Blueberries, sugar, and pectin. This ingredient list is simple, sweet, and ready to take your taste buds on a journey to high heaven! Pick up a bottle on your way through the countryside or find this treat in town at Say It With A Box. Buying a locally crafted product never tasted so good!

Bring home the blueberries at:

Alpine Blue Farms
7490 CA-26, Stockton

Say It With A Box
2301 Alpine Ave., STE B, Stockton
(209) 271-5444