Savory Meets Sweet

By Copper Williams

With winter weather still nipping at our heels, why not spend just a few more nights settled down by the fire? That’s right; grab your blanket, a warm cup of cocoa, and one of The Rustic Puff’s specialty marshmallow treats! With flavors like Birthday Cake and Smoked Butterscotch, to Sugar Roasted Pineapple or Mint, it’s never a dull roasting on the fire. Our pick for March? The Bacon Drizzle Stick.

This sumptuous treat is built on three plump vanilla bean mallows, skewered down the center for your enjoyment- and to avoid sticky fingers! An oh-so-satisfying helping of crumbled candied bacon from Lakewood Meats is dolloped over top and drizzled with sweet, sweet chocolate sauce. How’s that for mouth-watering? P.S. If you can’t wait to purchase a few from The Rustic Puff’s website, purchase them directly from Lakewood Meats in Lodi! But be warned: They fly off the shelf fast!

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