Blowing Smoke

By Copper Williams

Sometimes you need to let off some steam. And in the case of patrons at Bon Mange, they’re letting off a little liquid nitrogen! You read that right, my foodie friends! Bon Mange has brought the latest trending dessert to our San Joaquin tables! At the bottom of every cup, filled with crunchy, cereal-like balls, is a little bit of liquid nitrogen. As the chemical evaporates, it leaves an ethereal fog billowing right out of the cup.

Bite into one of the puffs, push air through your nose or mouth, and a flurry of smoke will appear! Although the balls themselves are only slightly sweetened, you can purchase chocolate syrup to dip these treats in, still providing you that smoky haze! Drop in and order the Nimbus dessert today!

Pick Up A Batch At:
Bon Mange
2819 W. March Ln., Stockton
(209) 910-0505