Layered Up

By: Copper Williams

From weddings to baby showers, and all parties in between, we’ve uncovered the perfect party favor for guests to relish long after the day’s fun is done! Baker’s Boutique at Stone Creek in Stockton has assembled a line of cupcakes to dine for. Care to try vanilla with lemon filling and rich buttercream frosting? How about you sub in strawberry between those delectable layers? And no one can go wrong with chocolate cake, ensnared in ganache.

But what makes this cupcake so unique? Its rustic charm doesn’t come in a tinfoil wrapper, but delightful mason jars! That’s right! Mark any occasion with red velvet or strawberry milk, chocolate birthday, and many more! The icing on the cake for your dream soiree is just a spoonful away!

Pick Your Favorite With:
Baker’s Boutique
5757 Pacific Ave., Ste. A130, Stockton
(209) 955-2253

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