Earth Day Life Hacks

By Lindsey Rodrian

You can “Go Green” in all areas of your life, at all times. No need to wait around for Earth Day’s inspiration, although it is a noble one.

P2’s i Clean Everything

This all-in-one Surface Cleaner Concentrate lives up to its name, cleaning both porous and non-porous surfaces like glass, granite, marble, wood, stainless steel, tile, concrete, and laminates—without emitting toxins into your home’s air. Made up of detergents, enzymes and probiotics, iClean goes beyond harmful chemical-ridden cleaners, working on a microscopic level to control mold, mildew, and fungus. And even protects against pathogenic bacteria, like EColi, Staph, MRSA, and Salmonella for up to three days. Best part? Its powerful punch is completely natural and biodegradable, vegan, safe for children and pets, and hospital tested!

Now Foods’ Almond Oil

A friend once told me “don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.” I thought that was an odd comment, but after reflecting on the fact that our skin is our body’s largest organ, it made sense. Much of what we place on our skin makes its way into our blood stream—think birth control and nicotine patches. With little regulation, it’s important for us to be cognizant of what our beauty products contain. To make things simple, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t apply it. And, be strategic. If a product is applied to your face and quickly washed off, it hardly compares to lotion being absorbed throughout an entire day.
Make a simple switch by ditching your lotion and opting for an all-natural oil, like Now Foods’ Almond Oil. Almond oil absorbs completely, boats high levels of vitamin E, (with antioxidant and replenishing properties), and protects your skin from UV radiation damage and oxidative stress. Sheri’s Sonshine Nutrition Center

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle
Honor Mother Earth by ditching disposable cups and water bottles at the office, and instead tote this cute BPA and halogen-free plastic water bottle. You’ll not only reduce the mass of waste piling up in landfills, but also have instant access to infused water, thanks to the citrus juicer installed in the bottom of this bottle. Target

Snapware’s Glasslock Containers
Do you often take leftovers home after a night out to dinner? Disposable polystyrene products we commonly refer to as “StyroFoam” consume almost 30 percent of landfill space, and take nearly 500 years to decompose. Quick fix? Don’t use it!
Pass on the purchase of plates and cups made from this material, and bring your own to-go container next time you step out for a meal. Snapware’s Glass Lock has been voted the best for leftovers, keeping food as fresh as the moment it came to your table. With seven different size options, you’ll find a fit and the planet will thank you for it.