Lincoln Cellar

The Finer Things in Life… Lincoln Cellar is now open and boasts a chic atmosphere, stellar wines, a tantalizing shared plates menu, a brand new wine dispensing system and a perfect place to discover new wines and meet with friends. From the wines and the […]

Oak Farm Vineyards

Historical Beauty & New Wines More than 100 years ago, owner of Oak Farm Vineyards William DeVries instilled a lifetime of beauty and magnificence into his property. That legacy has carried over to the Panella Family who purchased the 70 acre estate about 12 years […]

Viaggio Estate & Winery

Step into breathtaking scenery and experience a taste of world-class elegance at Lodi’s dreamy Viaggio Estate and Winery. The winery, nestled between plush greenery, walnut orchards and the Mokelumne River, is perfectly picturesque. The estate not only offers tastings hosted on beautiful landscapes and venues, […]

Local Lodi Wines

Lodi’s Bechthold Vineyard named California’s 2014 Vineyard of the Year It’s taken 128 years, but one Lodi vineyard has just recently gotten its due: Bechthold Vineyard, planted in Lodi’s west-side by Joseph Spenker in 1886 (just north of the present-day Jessie’s Grove estate), was named […]


Dressed to the Vines

The world of fashion and wine are often very similar: they both require an attention to detail and an appreciation of quality andboth have a dedicated, loyal followng…

In Season: Table Grapes

Although this time of year grapes are celebrated for the wine harvest, there are plenty of more delicious uses for these fruitful berries. While table grapes differ from those used to make wine, they make for a refreshing addition to a daily meal or snack. […]

From Grapes to Glass

Wine, as it’s often said, is made in the vineyard. Which sometimes brings up the jocular comment: why the heck do we need wineries? Although the process of making wine starts with good quality grapes; the work ethic, talent and creative juices of men and […]

Vino Culture – Durst Winery

Cassandra and Dan Durst have made a hobby and their love of the land, wine-making and welcoming spirit into the region’s newest winery. The Dursts – whose last name is appropriately German for thirst- have created a local oasis that embraces the essence of serenity, […]

On the Town

Macchia Winery

In the romantic language of Italian, ‘Macchia’ means ‘the spot’. Macchia Winery is truly the spot to experience unique zinfandels and other Italian varietals at reasonable prices. Owners Tim and Lani Holdener, who started operating in the Lodi Appellation in 2001, have discovered the hottest […]

Best of San Joaquin 2014 – Wine & Drinks

A tip to the lips of a wonderful libation is just the thing to sweeten a scrumptious San Joaquin afternoon. BARTENDER AREZOU SOLEMAN, MARKET TAVERN 236 Lincoln Center, Stockton (209) 932-8001 Arezou Soleman pours love and passion into everything she does at Market Tavern. […]

The Lucas Winery

The Lucas Winery highlights what is wonderful about the Lodi climate and relies on authentic winemaking techniques to offer Chardonnays and historic ZinStar Zinfandels from old-world vineyards. Winemakers David Lucas and Heather Pyle-Lucas embrace the philosophy of producing wines that reflect the place they come […]

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