Tahoe-based company creates backpacking course for beginners

Socially-distanced? Check! Outdoors? Check! Cost-effective? Check! When it comes to summer travel in 2021, backpacking is checking all of our boxes. But what If you don’t know where to start? Crisis averted. Novices can now get their first taste of backpacking with a knowledgeable guide […]

Curated medication made for unique situations

Pharmacies and Pharmacists have the ability do a lot more than just dispense your prescription. Pharmacy compounding is a growing trend. By definition, “compounding” is the creation of a pharmaceutical preparation (a drug) by a licensed pharmacist to meet the unique needs of an individual […]

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Demystifying wills and trusts

Though last year’s pandemic spurred renewed interest in estate planning, a recent survey shows that two out of three adults in America do not have a will or trust in place. “It is understandable that people are sometimes very resistant to facing their own mortality,” […]

The Stockton Chamber celebrates a milestone anniversary

In 2021 the Stockton Chamber achieved a noteworthy feat—a 120 year anniversary of the Chamber’s inception in 1901. The accomplishment came without fanfare, but there is no doubt the impact of the Chamber is worth celebrating today. For twelve decades the entity has acted as […]

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Outside-of-the-box RV Visits

If you had your sights set on an RV/camping vacation this summer, you may be disappointed to hear many of California’s most popular campsites are already full for summer weekends. Blame the pandemic; in both 2020 and 2021, families have turned to their RVs as […]

Learn all about it at Lodi Lake

Some of you may be asking yourselves what is stand-up paddle boarding, and, if I want to, where can I do it? The paddle sport is a little like kayaking meets surfboard, a balance activity that is less intimidating than it looks and doesn’t need […]

How to keep your garden happy in the heat

Chances are you’re reading this from the comfort of your airconditioned house with windows closed and curtains drawn in hopes of staving off the sweltering summer heat. But outside, your poor plants are drooping and lamenting the fact that they don’t have the option of […]

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