Local courses offer tools for tackling golf as a beginner

Take A Swing At It

It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby—especially when that hobby is golf. Many don’t even learn to play until later in life. But if you’re intrigued by the challenging sport, you should dive in as soon as possible. Local courses offer lessons and other programs to make golf accessible to beginners, regardless of age.

Formal Lessons
At local golf courses, lessons are often offered by pros ready to perfect your swing. Manteca Park Golf Course employs PGA level staff to give golfers the best instruction through private and group lessons offered daily. Or, take advantage of something more formal. The “Get Golf Ready Now” clinic has a schedule of classes primed for beginners or those just getting back into the game.

Junior Programs
Let’s put the rumors that golf is an old man’s sport aside. Kids of all ages often enjoy the game. Several programs bolster young athletes with promise either instead of or in addition to a school team. First Tee San Joaquin is a one-stop shop for junior golf programs. Swenson Park Golf Club hosts a Junior Golf League. Classes and lessons are available to beginners and young pros at Manteca Park through its TEAM ACE program. With a membership, golfers can enjoy complete professional services including clubs for all ages and genders at Woodbridge Golf & Country Club. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for available programs.

National Programming
At Woodbridge Golf & Country Club, the Golf Academy implemented Operation 36, a golf improvement program that aids players of all ages in improving their game. The end goal is to have golfers achieve a par or better on a nine hole course. In the end, students graduate to “golfers” when they have shot a 36 or lower on nine holes with division one yardage.

Once you’ve gotten a little instruction under your belt—whether from friends or a professional—hit the links. Practice, after all, makes perfect (or at least better). Make a habit of working your way through local courses, starting with easier games and moving up to higher pars. Don’t forget to make it fun. Hit the driving range (many courses have them) to work on your stroke, or up your putting game on a local green—or even mini golfing with the family.