KCM Boutique

Fabulous Fashions that Won’t Break the Bank

KCM1From sleek and chic to flirty and fun, KCM Boutique features clothing and jewelry that fits just about every fashion style and budget. What originally was planned to be a temporary boutique store has grown fashion roots and taken up permanent residence. “KCM Boutique was going to be a ‘pop-up’ store,” says Kasey Malcoun. “I had just come from L.A. and in San Francisco and L.A., pop-up stores are a popular thing… It’s fun and it’s going really well. So basically, it will be our accidental one year anniversary in October.” Malcoun opened KCM Boutique in October ’13 and confesses to being a life-long fashionista. “I’m having flashbacks of being young and taking my mom’s stuff… I’ve always loved fashion,” smiles Malcoun. The store carries a wide variety of clothing including tops, dresses, jackets and many styles of pants. “Some of the brands that we carry exclusively are Nightcap Clothing, a line of shirts called Rails, Rory Becca, and Ella Moss, Malcoun continues, “and we carry a whole host of brands that aren’t huge name brands that you would see at Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s; but they’re still very fashionable. People can find things here that are found in larger fashion districts and they don’t have to travel to find them!”

KCM2“I try to make this like a boutique in L.A. You’re not going to find the same things here as you see in other stores, or in department stores. I love L.A. fashion and it is so much fun. The L.A. style is more laid-back and relaxed than the east coast.” Going to market to get clothing for her store is one of Malcoun’s favorite things to do. “I shop in L.A., Las Vegas, and San Francisco and sometimes I’ll find people or companies online.” She likes the convenience of shopping online, but loves to go to market for unique clothing finds. “I was shocked to find out that our customers ages are everything. My customers are anywhere from 15 to 85. My grandmother shops here and she’s going to be 84,” notes Malcoun. “A lot of our clothing is really versatile.”

Shopping at KCM Boutique is a unique experience. “Every day is different. Our store is really small. It’s 600 square feet and when you get a lot of people in here it’s like a circus, but it’s a lot of fun,” Malcoun finishes. Customers are also welcome to shop online.

5681 Pacific Ave., #115
Stockton, (209) 609-2315