Curated medication made for unique situations

Compounding 101

Pharmacies and Pharmacists have the ability do a lot more than just dispense your prescription.

Pharmacy compounding is a growing trend. By definition, “compounding” is the creation of a pharmaceutical preparation (a drug) by a licensed pharmacist to meet the unique needs of an individual patient when commercially available drugs do not meet those needs. A patient may not be able to take the commercially available drug, or a patient may require a drug that is currently in shortage or discontinued.

In many ways a compounding pharmacist can customize medications with a doctor’s prescription to better meet a patient’s needs:

  • Adjust strength or dosage
  • Flavor a medication, for example to make it more palatable for a child
  • Reformulate the drug to exclude an unwanted, nonessential ingredient, such as gluten or a dye that a patient is allergic to
  • Change the form of the medication for patients who may have difficulty swallowing or experience stomach upset when taking oral medication

Compounding pharmacists can put drugs into specially flavored liquids, topical creams, suppositories, or other dosage forms suitable for each patients’ unique and individual needs.

The husband and wife owner and pharmacy team of Dr. Donald Cottman, Pharm.D. and Marie Cottman, Pharm.D. of Pacific Compounding in Lincoln Center are no strangers to the vital need for their business in the community. In fact, they just celebrated their 15th anniversary in May, and Dr. Marie Cottman is proud to serve the San Joaquin County as a successful women-owned business.

The duo serves everyone from babies to the elderly, as well as the veterinary needs of animals found in both the home and at the zoo. Everything they make is a customer preparation specific to the patient and their clients vary from major universities and large medical centers to smaller doctors’ offices, to pet owners and to large zoos. Dr. Cottman explains, “We really take the time to get to know our patients—review their medical history, listen to all their concerns, and make sure to answer their questions in a calm, quiet space.”  If you’re interested in Pacific Compounding’s services, walk in or call with questions any time. The team can then reach-out to your doctor directly to curate a prescription. If you’re a local doctor, Pacific Compounding can help you meet unique patient needs.

Pacific Compounding may make the process sound easy, but it is a challenge to safely do what they do every day. “Many pharmacies have given up compounding because of the strict regulations the FDA and California Board of Pharmacy require. ” explains Dr. Don Cottman. “Fortunately, we’re focused mainly on compounding so we can make the time to get really good at what we do, and then ensure it’s done right every single time.”

Pacific Compounding Pharmacy
312 Lincoln Center, Stockton
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