Tahoe-based company creates backpacking course for beginners

Tahoe-based company creates backpacking course for beginners

Socially-distanced? Check! Outdoors? Check! Cost-effective? Check! When it comes to summer travel in 2021, backpacking is checking all of our boxes. But what If you don’t know where to start? Crisis averted. Novices can now get their first taste of backpacking with a knowledgeable guide to lead the way. Tahoe Adventure Company launched a new outdoor program for those eager to learn the ins and outs of successful backpacking from route planning to navigation, even what and how to pack for the trip. Best part? The program is family friendly.

Hosted over the course of two days (with one overnight), those who attend Backpacking 101 with TAC get full use of all necessary gear, tips on how to successfully plan their own backpacking trip, and a knowledgeable guide to lead the way across one of many routes covering approximately five miles from start to finish. Rated as easy, families can bring even young kids along for the journey for an extra dose of family bonding.

If you already have the backpacking know-how but like the idea of venturing out with a group, TAC offers other guided backpacking excursions available on an on-demand basis (meaning you book the route, duration, and difficulty level you want on dates that are convenient for you). Currently the website offers two to five day treks, with offerings occasionally stretching up to eight days.

Backpacking is just part of a line-up of outdoor sports supported by TAC. Whether you’re looking to rent kayaks, paddle boards, or mountain bikes while visiting the Tahoe/Truckee area, or prefer a tour on the water or on land, check out the website for a myriad of options.

Out Team Building
For those who live just hours from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, team building trips are very popular. Whether for a sports team, youth group, nonprofit organization, or business, TAC’s team-building courses encompass outdoor recreation, conversation skills, and comradery that can turn colleagues into friends.

Backpacking tips from the pros
Get the right gear
Know how to read a map before you go
Buddy system—don’t backpack alone!
Pack light
Pack in, pack out—don’t leave a mess behind
Know the rules for your destination/trail (some places don’t allow overnight camping)
Start small

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