Every Child in Need: CASA Aids Foster Youth

There’s a common theme amongst children dependent on the San Joaquin County justice system—they feel unwanted. In foster care or living at home in conditions no child should endure, these children have no voice and they aren’t getting the care they need to thrive. In […]

Big Sur Road Trip

The long-awaited reopening of Big Sur State Park came last fall when the northern stretch of Highway 1 was reopened following a devastating winter responsible for destroying much of the roadway. Before the reopening, Big Sur was only accessible by a hair-pin-heavy roadway that many […]

Have a WILD Time

Kids love animals. Expand your child’s knowledge and exposure to animals in the San Joaquin Valley (and beyond) with exciting animal encounters for families. Micke Grove Zoo Lodi The five-acre zoo in Lodi is filled with family activities. Admire cute rodents, amazing amphibians, birds, reptiles, […]

Tough Talks – Discussing Divorce with Kids

Most divorces are filed in January, leading the month to be dubbed “National Divorce Month” “Honey, we need to talk.” The statement is rarely followed by good news. And while that phrase is likely the one that started divorce talks between you and spouse, it’s […]

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What you Need to Know About: Pregnancy Nutrition

Too often women take pregnancy as a chance to throw diets out the window. Away goes careful calculation of calories or focus on the five food groups. Instead, eating for two means double the intake and “I’m pregnant,” means I’ll eat what I want. Not […]

The Life of a Guide Dog

San Joaquin County’s Elite Canines Have you ever seen a puppy in a green-colored vest walking through Weberstown mall? Your immediate reaction is likely devastation, knowing you aren’t allowed to touch the fluffy pooch, a guide dog puppy in training. But have you ever wondered […]

Birth at 40

More women over 40 are having babies, letting the biological clock tick a bit longer than ever before. With medical intervention, it’s not uncommon to have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and recovery after 40, however, it’s not the same as doing it at 20 or […]

Menopause Pains

So, it’s started. You’re experiencing hot flashes, you’re tired all the time, your breasts are tender and you’ve likely felt at least one of several other uncomfortable symptoms, including decreased libido, irregular periods, urine leakage, and vaginal dryness. It’s called perimenopause and it’s the precursor […]

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Celebrate Family in San Diego

With Kids Free October! Gearing up for a family vacation? Head south to San Diego where kids vacation free in October! It’s all part of the city’s Kids Free San Diego promotion, October 1-31, packed with free meals, free admission, free tickets, and more. We’ve […]

Grandparents Who Babysit

Ever feel bad asking your parents to watch the little ones while you and your spouse enjoy a (long-overdue) date night? Or just so you can catch a couple hours of “me time”? It’s time to put the guilt aside. According to recent studies, grandparents […]

Top Performers

UVDC Helps Tiny Feet Make Big Moves Do you have a child who aspires to dance? A born performer with a knack for movement? At Unique Visions Dance Company in Stockton, Owner, Director, and Dance Instructor Chelsea Hill puts an emphasis on getting those tiny […]

Cake Walk

Think of the wedding cake as the centerpiece of the reception. It’s part decoration, part cuisine. Not only should the cake compliment your décor—the colors, theme, etc.—it should also compliment the other foods served. Every aspect of weddings has been elevated thanks to Pinterest, reality […]

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