Pumpkin Pickin’ Fun

When the leaves start to fall and the colors of the trees turn from green to orange, it is time for autumn. The beginning of fall means the Pumpkin season is now upon us, and it is time to celebrate Manteca’s Annual Pumpkin Fair in […]

Calling All Outdoorsmen

Bring the family and enjoy the great outdoors, right here in your own backyard, at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds. The Stockton-based Outdoor Expo event will feature more than 100 different outdoor activities and exhibitions, attracting tens of thousands of central-valley folk each year. The Expo, […]

Spot To Dance

Dance classes can be a great way to not only socialize your children but also teach them discipline and coordination. The Spot in Lodi specializes in a number of hip-hop classes for your kids, with fitness classes for teens and adults. Signing up for the […]

Quality Time within the Family

Making quality time with the family can definitely be a challenge. As we know, us parents or guardians must work to provide enough food, shelter, and clothing for the family. And although we want to spend more quality time with our children, we are often […]

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After receiving more than three hundred name ideas during the Bobcat Naming Contest held earlier this spring, the Micke Grove Zoo staff is excited to announce the winning name of its young male bobcat: “Nitro.” The name was suggested by Hannah Schneider, age 5, whose parents and […]

Looking to the future

Most children don’t have any idea what they wish to do for a career, although there will be exceptions. In order to help students work toward their future, whether they know or do not know what they plan to do, there are a few characteristics […]


Nothing screams summer like a pool party. Get the kids off the couch and in the company of friends with a great themed pool party. Include the entire family in the planning and decorating to squash summer boredom and add to the value of the experience. Spending a […]

Stockton Indoor Sports Complex

Indoor roller skating or hockey can be really fun when you find the right rink, and the Stockton Indoor Sports Complex is that place. Whether you are looking for a rink you and your family can visit on the weekend, or a place the kids […]

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Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate

At Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate, a family-owned self-defense academy in Stockton, California, Black Belt Instructors Randall and Maria Flaherty stress the importance of developing confidence, discipline and respect, along with superior martial arts skills. For over 35 years, owner Randall K. Flaherty has been teaching people […]

Capturing Hearts

Micke Grove Zoo rests on five acres of land and houses animals ranging from amphibians and mammals to birds, reptiles and invertebrates. The uniqueness of the animals has captured the attention of children and adults all over San Joaquin County, and it is through their […]

Family Member

I am a blended family mom with six kids. Yes, I have a real life Brady Bunch, in which the only person missing is Alice (who is needed the most). As I write this, I am on the verge of becoming a new mommy once […]

Keeping a Loved One Alive

One of the most worrisome feelings a grieving person experiences is how to keep a sustaining memory alive after a special loved one has died. The most well intentioned condolences upon the death of a loved one often suggest that time will heal the pain, […]

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