HOW TO Help Loved Ones Prepare for Short Term Rehab

Whether recovering from a minor procedure or major surgery, the process of rehabilitation is a crucial step for getting loved ones back on their feet. But while it is often preferable if our loved ones can recuperate from home, extra care and monitoring are sometimes […]

HOW TO Commute Stress Free

Imagine an early commute over the hill and into the Bay, free of car congestion, road rage, and untimely fuel stops. Too good to be true? It isn’t! This morning routine is what many commuters already enjoy while taking Altamont Corridor Express® (ACE), a train […]

HOW TO Identify & Treat Blepharitis

Your eyelids are itchy and red. Your eyes sting and feel gritty and you’re becoming sensitive to light. Sure, spring is in the air, it could be allergies. It could even be your new contacts. But if you’ve noticed your skin is flaky or crusty […]

HOW TO Give Kids a Head Start

Did you know research shows that much of what people need to succeed in life is established before entering kindergarten? From birth to age five, the human brain undergoes rapid development; it’s a period when a child builds cognitive skills—the foundation for reading, math, science, […]

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HOW TO Reinvent a Space

When the dreary weather falls away, and springtime pushes through, it’s time to reevaluate the old décor of the household and make way for the new. And nothing can bring a room together quite like a touch on the old window panes. Elegance and convenience […]

HOW TO Impact Your Community by Shopping Local

A healthy community is one where businesses and individuals are able to succeed and grow. For Barsetti Vineyards’ owner, Janis Barsetti Gray, it all comes down to shopping local. “I wouldn’t be here without the support of the community,” Janis says of her relationship with […]

HOW TO Create Strong Passwords

Sure, your common password is easy to remember, but is it leaving you vulnerable? Pet’s names, your childhood address, middle name, or birthday may seem like an easy go-to, but they are anything but secure. “Your password should never include personal information that can be […]

HOW TO Treat Endometrial, Ovarian & Uterine Cancer

Knowledge is power. The first step to getting proper treatment for gynecological cancers is understanding your diagnosis. “Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecologic malignancy,” explains Dr. P. Gill, OBGYN at Gill Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Group, Inc. “With an estimated 37,000 new cases last […]

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HOW TO Reinvent Your Kitchen

Longing for you dream kitchen? For spaces to cook, create, and entertain? Kitchen renovations are full of possibility, allowing you to gut that bad boy and start from scratch, or implement a few smaller, yet effective, upgrades. Where do you begin with such a large […]

HOW TO Obtain Scholarships

It’s no secret that college costs are high, and utilizing scholarship opportunities is an excellent way to offset the financial burden. Unlike loans, scholarships do not need to be repaid, and there are a plethora of opportunities available to students who need support in pursuing […]

HOW TO Get In On All The Perks At Durst

Friendships fostered with a tip of the glass; romances rekindled while lounging along the lawns, the playful scent of roses dusting the air. When visiting the Amada Mia estate, it’s easy to envelope yourself in that royal welcome every guest enjoys. And yet, as Owner […]

HOW TO Bring Life to Your Living Room

Is your living room drab, worn down, and tired from hosting? If one of the most used areas of your home could use some love, a stop into Daniger Furniture is what you both need. As a staple furniture store in the community, Daniger stocks […]

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