HOW TO Commute Stress Free

By Copper Williams

Imagine an early commute over the hill and into the Bay, free of car congestion, road rage, and untimely fuel stops.

Too good to be true? It isn’t! This morning routine is what many commuters already enjoy while taking Altamont Corridor Express® (ACE), a train that services stations in Stockton, Lathrop, and Tracy, with stops in Livermore, Pleasanton, Fremont, Great America, and San Jose—to name a few.

Preparing For Your Trip
Your journey begins when you buy your ticket. All tickets must be purchased before boarding ACE, and are available for purchase at the Stockton, Lathrop, Tracy, Pleasanton, Great America, and San Jose stations. Your ticket may also be purchased online, with an emailed version readily available for train attendants and fare inspectors to check upon boarding. While one-way and round-trip tickets are available, frequent passengers should consider 20-ride or monthly tickets for discounted pricing.

Plan to arrive ten minutes before your train to ensure you have ample time to find a parking place, validate your ticket, and safely make it to the platform. Passengers must validate their ticket on the platform before boarding—with the exception of monthly ticket pass holders and those with a virtual ticket. Passengers may bring their bike on board, and park it in one of the bike cars, where it can be safely stowed for the journey. The two cars furthest from the locomotive are often designated as dim-lit cars, which have the lights lowered. This allows passengers to get some shut-eye, or quiet time. Passengers are advised to keep their voices lowered in these cars.

ACE provides its passengers with a wheelchair-accessible restroom in every cab, complete with toilet, sink, and trash receptacle. These facilities may be used at any time during the journey, unless otherwise specified by on-board staff. ACE encourages riders to fill seats on the second floor first, and allow those who have trouble with stairs or have multiple items on board to take the bottom floor.

Following these simple requests during your commute aboard ACE will provide all passengers with an enjoyable, car-free commute over the Altamont and into the Bay!

For More Information:
Altamont Corridor Express

949 E. Channel St., Stockton
(800) 411-(RAIL) 7245