HOW TO Reinvent a Space

By Copper Williams

When the dreary weather falls away, and springtime pushes through, it’s time to reevaluate the old décor of the household and make way for the new.

And nothing can bring a room together quite like a touch on the old window panes. Elegance and convenience go hand in hand when choosing to transform your space with new window coverings, and Roman shades are the sublime choice for this season, stacking perfectly at the top of the window when retracted to showcase a clean, yet classic look for any household space. Rod Smith of Budget Blinds of Stockton offers his advice on reimagining the household.

There’s always a certain kind of anticipation when it comes to selecting something for your personal space. It’s not easy but also confusing as to what to choose exactly. If you’re thinking of reinventing your home without much chaos involved, window replacements from sites such as could be a game-changer.

Pick & Choose
Your décor is an entirely personal experience, and Budget Blinds wants to help you customize every aspect. Select your suitor from hundreds of samples, including folding styles like teardrop, balloon, or cascading. Revitalize a classic space into something entirely new, or bring a room together that was missing just the right element. You’re free to complement your wall’s shade or contrast for a palette pleaser that really pops! Select Roman shades, which can be made cordless or motorized, allowing easy access to raise and lower your shades to that perfect scape. Roman shades are also “safe for homes with children,” says Rod.

Adjust Lighting
From translucent lining to filter UV Rays, to blackout lining for maximum brightness control, Budget Blinds offers a plethora of light filtering options and room-darkening fabrics to meet the needs of every window in the household. “We offer both bottom-up / top-down options that allow you to lower your shades from the top, or raise them from the bottom to preserve your privacy while letting natural light in,” Rod adds.

Inspire with Accents
Why stop at the bones, when Roman shades were built to bring your room together in all the right ways? Showcase your hosting prowess with decorative trim and fringe, and add a valance. That can truly push to complete a window’s attire. Additionally, you might also want to consider adding some cornices to make the room look more put together. These features can protect the wall face and can add a lovely decorative trim around the room. They normally add the finishing touches to a room.

Breathless with anticipation? Then visit Budget Blinds in Stockton, and meet with the experts in shutter supply! Enjoy in-home consultations to ensure that your household receives the top of the line in window attire. A new room is just a phone call away.

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