HOW TO Bring Life to Your Living Room

Is your living room drab, worn down, and tired from hosting?

If one of the most used areas of your home could use some love, a stop into Daniger Furniture is what you both need. As a staple furniture store in the community, Daniger stocks high-quality American-made sofas, chairs, lamps, mattresses, carpets, and more. Third generation owners, Susan and Curt, are passionate about quality pieces that last and interior design that transforms your house into a home. Complimentary interior design services, paired with free delivery and set-up, ensure that your new purchases work for you.

“When I start a room, I might look at magazines, or online, and focus on the look I want. I think about the color scheme and fabric. It’s very much a personal thing, what type of living room I want to create,” says Susan. And with her expert guidance, you can peruse Daniger’s 10,000 square-foot store to touch, compare, and combine pieces that will revive your living room.

After identifying your style, Susan suggests choosing the largest pieces first. Decide on sofas and chairs that combine comfort and quality, because “you’re going to be getting a lot of use out of them,” Susan adds. Consider how the pieces will be used. If you’re a growing family, investing in child-friendly fabrics is key. Susan notes, “They really have made huge strides in durable fabrics.”

Recently stocked with new trending sofa styles, Daniger’s vast inventory has something for everyone. “For a long time, people were getting very straight, very simple pieces. But these were not very homey. Now we have much more variety,” Susan says. And with variety comes a surplus of design opportunity.

With staple items secure, it’s time for what Susan calls, ‘frosting’—all the décor accents that pop color and pull items together! From lamps and lighting to paintings and art, decorative bowls, and rugs, accessories really are the frosting on your freshly baked living room cake!

“Decorating is a cooperative process. It’s about listening to the customer and fitting what they need to the design elements that will work. I’ve got houses where I’ve just recommended a sofa and houses where I’ve done the whole home,” says Susan. But rest assured that, whether you’re looking for a small sprucing-up, or some major design overhauls, Daniger Furniture will be there to create the ultimate space.

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