HOW TO Reinvent Your Kitchen

By Lindsey Rodrian

Longing for you dream kitchen? For spaces to cook, create, and entertain?
Kitchen renovations are full of possibility, allowing you to gut that bad boy and start from scratch, or implement a few smaller, yet effective, upgrades.

Where do you begin with such a large project? Jackie Embry, Showroom Manager at HT Home Design in Stockton, suggests you first identify your style. Are you modern or traditional? Do you want bright colors or contemporary neutrals in your Kitchen Renovations? Oh, decisions!

Touch, see, and compare a variety of styles and looks at HT Home’s expansive showroom. Here, you can hone in on your personal style, and identify key elements you’d like to emphasize in your new kitchen. “Most people start with countertops, and match remaining elements from there.”

Long gone are granite days, and quartz now reigns as number one. “It’s antimicrobial, scratch and heat resistant, non-porous, super easy to clean, and doesn’t require a seal-it’s practically indestructible!” Jackie exclaims. The move to quartz countertops is part because of its ability to mimic the very desirable marble look. However, stone marble in its natural state is extremely porous, making it a non-friendly option for a high traffic area. So, quartz’s vast marble-color options teamed with its durability make for a solid win!

A sure-fire way to bring an old kitchen to life is with new flooring. “It’s all about hardwood right now,” Jackie explains. “We see a lot of people wanting consistent flooring throughout their entire home.” Bring hardwood into your kitchen without worrying about spills and stains with Wood Plastic Composite, the magic ‘waterproof’ flooring that looks like wood but boast a much thicker skin. Whenever installing new floors, you’ll likely need your floor screeded too, so that it’s level. Make sure you included the floor screeding-prices in the cost of your renovation so you’re not surprised by any hidden costs.

Add backsplash tile in minimalist style and bring your kitchen current. “Current tile trends are consistent shapes and colors in neutral whites, light topes, and beiges. Recently, there’s been a focus on funky shapes, but still, it’s all about consistency!” Pair it with some new Internal Glazed doors and your kitchen will look brand new! It’s the little changes that make the biggest difference.

Update your kitchen sink with both fashion and function in mind. “It’s all about how you’re going to utilize the sink,” says Jackie. Opt for double sinks with two bowls to hold all of the family’s dishes, or upgrade to the extremely aesthetic apron front farmhouse sink.

Bring in additional design elements by updating your kitchen lighting. If you’re already considering the farmhouse sink, you could carry the farmhouse theme throughout the kitchen with a Farmhouse sconce. “It can bring a nice added architectural element in the space that you wouldn’t necessarily consider,” Jackie adds. Go big with a chandelier over the kitchen table, accentuate your island with large pendant lighting, and opt for a long arm wall sconce over the sink instead of can lights that were so 2016.

“We’re doing a lot of white kitchens and I don’t see that going away any time soon,” Jackie says of current trends. Part ways with your outdated space and explore exciting new options with help from HT Home Design. With styles, colors, textures, and products in a variety of price brackets, the showroom has something (if not everything) for you.

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