Solved In Sixty Minutes: A Peek Into Stockton Escape

By Copper Williams

The clock is ticking, and your mind is reeling. You have sixty minutes.

That’s it. Sixty minutes to solve the many puzzles spread throughout a singular space encompassing not only yourself but up to nine other people. Friends? Family? Coworkers? It doesn’t matter where your story with them began. By the end of the game, you will have either formed a bond and escaped, or failed the countdown. The question is, are you and your team up to the task?

“The objective of an escape room is to solve all the puzzles and complete the mission of the room as fast as possible to compete against all the people who have played before you,” explains Elizabeth Morgan, Founder and CEO of Stockton Escape. “But solve the room in under an hour and you have officially ‘escaped’.”

These escape rooms have become all the rage in recent years, providing a themed storyline for a team of up to nine to unravel. And while any puzzle can be pieced together given enough time, players collaborate to solve them within the designated time frame. Best of all? The puzzles require you to thoroughly investigate your surroundings, whether feeling your way across a wall for clues, translating something before attempting to break a code, or looking for a pattern.

Big on puzzles, but worried the same ol’ story might get dull after the second run? “Our games are rotated out every 9-12 months,” Elizabeth reassures players. Currently, teams can enjoy solving the story of a famous artist and critic gone missing, a reclusive billionaire scientist selling classified technology, or uncovering the plot behind a secret room filled with strange mechanical objects that have been causing any who enter to vanish.

So, what’s some solid advice for solving these puzzles? “Always, always, always communicate,” says Elizabeth. “We have groups who go in and have one player holding a key and another the lock for 15 minutes before getting the lock open. The teams that are able to escape are usually the ones that communicate well and search the room thoroughly so that they don’t miss any clues.”

When you’re ready to take the plunge into Stockton Escape, prepare to dive deep into the plotline, work closely alongside your fellow players, and most importantly—have fun! After all, if you don’t make it out on this run, there’s always the next.

Solve The Clues At:
Stockton Escape

959 W. March Ln., Stockton
(209) 645-2531