Getting Plucky

By Copper Williams

Summer’s arrival is as sweet as can be when you’re in the mood for fresh, seasonal fruit! But before you stop in to your favorite road-side stand or grocery store, why not take a trip down to Ripon for something not only locally grown and locally owned, but still ripening on the bush? That’s right! Jessop Farms offers a tasty experience that everyone in the family will enjoy! U-Pick blueberries!

These beautiful baubles are at the peak of flavor when you drop in at Jessop Farms, who offers buckets for picking and carry-home packages for any blueberries that you find. Roam through the many bushes and select the best. After your adventure, take the kids on a tour of the koi pond, or play some putt-putt golf!

Take Your Pick At:
Jessop Farms
21386 S. Murphy Rd., Ripon
(209) 824-0341