Flavorful Fusions

By Copper Williams

Those with downtown Stockton agendas know where to drop in for a quick bite and friendly conversation! Fusion Boba Café, a cute eatery tucked just behind the courthouse, offers a variety of treats, including sandwiches, smoothies, boba drinks, and our personal favorite—the Fusion Bun!

This steam-bun encased sandwich comes in three different versions. The Italian Steam Bun is stuffed with slices of salami, ham, onions, and lettuce. Add Fusion’s Italian sauce and you’re on your way! Pulled Pork Buns are next, tossed in mango barbecue sauce and garnished with fresh slices of cucumber, apple coleslaw, and pickled carrots. Last, but not least is our favorite, the Chicken Bun! Shredded chicken takes a tumble in Fusion’s own house made peanut sauce and topped with cucumber and pickled carrots for that lovely tang. Pick and choose your favorite or try all three!

Make Your Next Stop At:
Fusion Boba
25 S. Hunter St., Stockton
(209) 473-1156