Japanese Flavor Fusion

By Copper Williams

Tucked away in downtown Stockton is a crown jewel of Japanese cuisine! Bento, dishing out unique plate combinations and inspired entrees, is all the rage for locals looking for a quick bite during the lunchtime rush, but with retro lights strung across its interior, modern lacquered furniture and exceptional taste for quotes. (“If You Are What You Eat, Then I Only Want To Eat The Good Stuff.”), it’s hard not to park yourself for an hour and take in all that ambiance.

But what am I saying? You’re here for the food! And Bento serves up some mean cuisine. Our choice of the day? Chicken Teriyaki Fries. These bad boys begin with a layer of fries. Freshly grilled chicken breast is mixed in, followed by sour cream and a spicy garlic mayo. Add an extra kick with Siracha sauce, garnished with green onions, and toasted sesame seeds for a palate pleaser like no other. Complete this masterpiece with Bento’s house crafted teriyaki sauce for smoky perfection.

Relish Every Bite At:
357 E. Market St., Stockton
(209) 910-0309