Project Gia

One day at a time, one girl at a time “It takes a lot of audacity to change things—and I’m just that audacious, I guess,” Mariah Looney proclaims. It’s one of the few times she’s stepped into the limelight during our conversation, preferring to praise […]

From Plants to Pharmaceuticals

An herbalist’s approach health and wellness Forms of herbs, flowers, plants, and roots were considered the first medicinal drugs some 60,000 years ago. As we progressed, Chinese Emperors, East Indian Ayurvedic practitioners, Egyptian kings, Roman physicians, and Greek botanists, published, preached, and practiced herbal medicine. […]

Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Sugar Rush!

I’ll be the first to admit it: I have a problem. If there’s a bundle of baked goods brought into the office, I’m breaking down the door to reach ‘em. I can’t go out for lunch because the closest dining location is a bakery. (I’m […]

Pilate Principles for Beginners

Get it right and get it tight! Pilates works your core (or as they say in the practice, your powerhouse) like no other, can relieve back pain, puts minimal strain on your body, and some even say it seriously improves sex life — and these […]

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Meditation 101

Translate your dream into reality using self-belief and visualization We all know the saying, “New Year, New You”. As we welcome 2017—and follow social norms that induce self-inventory—I ask, who do you want to be? Is your “new you” more focused, positive, and happy? Does […]

Kennetha Stevens Takes the Stand Against Bullying

SUSD Parent Empowerment Coordinator talks bullying at district-wide parent trainings When parents at Stockton Unified School District brought forward their concerns about bullying, staff didn’t hesitate to put a plan into action. “When we hear the voices of our parents… we want to move it […]

Bring Out the Batons

2017 Pan Pacific Cup Arrives at the Arena January 13 – 15 Tap along with the tempo, ladies and gentleman! This year’s internationally attended baton twirling championship is back in our Stockton county seat. Checking in at the arena, a plethora of competitors from across […]

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