Meditation 101

By Lindsey Rodrian

Translate your dream into reality using self-belief and visualization

We all know the saying, “New Year, New You”. As we welcome 2017—and follow social norms that induce self-inventory—I ask, who do you want to be? Is your “new you” more focused, positive, and happy? Does she nurture positive social connections, overcome impulses, and take loving care of her body? If these questions have you envisioning a “better” you, I encourage you to translate that thought into reality.

The ancient practice of meditation—first recorded around 1500 BCE—swept the continents, influencing many different religions before making its way into Western culture.  With thousands of respected studies supporting the mental and physical benefits—like decreasing depression, regulating mood and anxiety, increasing grey matter concentration (areas of the brain involved in learning and memory, regulating emotions, sense of self, and having perspective), enhancing the ability to generate gamma waves in the brain, and reducing blood pressure and risk of heart disease and stroke—giving this practice a try seems to be a no-brainer. So, we sat down with Kim Ruiz, Spiritual Healer and owner of The Healing Spot in Tracy for some beginner’s tips.

Set up shop. Kim encourages both newbies and veterans to create a meditation spot within their home. “Make the space warm and beautiful, with low or natural light. Gather up things that make you feel good, like stones and rocks, unscented candles, flowers and a Himalayan salt lamp. If you aren’t planning on practicing on the floor, get a comfortable chair that allows you to sit upright.”

Turn off and tune in. When you’re ready to begin, turn off all electronics or remove them from the room. Find a comfortable location to sit or lie that allows your arms and legs to be uncrossed, with a hand placed on each leg. “And then, just breathe naturally,” Kim says. “Don’t make an effort to control your breathing, but instead check in with it.” Now comes the most difficult part: quiet your mind. (Kim notes this aspect proves most difficult, and if you feel you’re struggling, practice sitting still and silent for five minutes a day until you’re able to quiet your thoughts.)

Manifest. With a clear head, imagine yourself being surrounded by a cocoon radiant white light that permeates your entire body. If something specific is troubling you, visualize that negativity exiting your body in a cloud of black smoke. If it’s a desire or goal you’re after, visualize yourself as if you’ve achieved the goal, and inhale that image with every breath. Make your visualizations as detailed as possible to connect further with your subconscious and ensure your mind is quiet!

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