Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Sugar Rush!

By Copper Williams

I’ll be the first to admit it: I have a problem. If there’s a bundle of baked goods brought into the office, I’m breaking down the door to reach ‘em. I can’t go out for lunch because the closest dining location is a bakery. (I’m looking at you, Corner Scone.). And heaven forbid if the Boss is in town, because the whole gang’s going out to lunch at least one day out of the week. At that point, I have to look down at my love handles. And honey? Let’s be honest, those hips don’t lie, either.

And neither do the facts. Sugar is one of the leading culprits to obesity in the United States, which has conquered one in three people in our country. Two out of three people are considered overweight. Those numbers don’t bode well, and neither does the toll sugar takes on your heart health, teeth, and immune system. Trust me, those trips to the kitchen add up!

But how exactly does sugar add up to weight gain? Simple. Although your body uses sugar as energy, excess sugar is converted into fat and stored throughout your body. Those love handles aren’t so lovely anymore, are they? And it’s all due in part to that extra cookie, candy bar, and even, yes, that bottle of juice you’ve been using as your “healthy” snack of the day.

Thinking of going cold turkey? It may be harder than it sounds. Sugar is like that Ex you just can’t help falling back in love with. Sugar triggers the same pleasure centers in your brain that serious drugs like cocaine or heroin do, which makes sense as to why it’s just so hard to quit! Trust me, many a foodie has fallen prey to serious sugar withdrawals, myself included.

So what can you do to destroy this terrible relationship? Just say no to sugar! Yes, those withdrawals aren’t fun to deal with, but neither is the huge list of problems you’ll have to endure if you don’t make it over the hill! Our advice is to clear out each and every sweet temptation you’ve been storing in your house, opt for fruits when you need a “fix” and shout your newfound strength from the mountaintops! Because, when you’re reaching for that cupcake, it’s pretty damn hard to take a bite while friends and family watch you break your solemn vow.