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How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

What’s worse than a Christmas tree that doesn’t keep until Christmas Day? For those that like to celebrate the season as long as possible by getting their tree early, the biggest struggle is often making sure the tree doesn’t dry out before the grand finale. Follow these tips to keep your tree kicking all season long so it’ll just as good on Dec. 25 as it did when you look it off the lot.

Start it off on the right stump.

Christmas trees bought from farms are typically pre-cut. To help the tree absorb water efficiently, make a new cut when you get home, lopping another inch or so off the bottom.

Water it well

Think of your tree as a giant cut plant, like flowers you may keep in a vase. Prep a stand before you come home to place the tree in and keep the tree in water throughout the time it’ll be in your home. Water it daily so the stump never dries out. This will help keep needles looking fresh.

Consider Placement

When deciding where to place your tree it’s normal to consider aesthetics, but take some other considerations into mind. In addition to being close to an outlet, Christmas trees should be placed away from heaters (watch out for ceiling vents above your tree) and direct sunlight. Both of these elements can brown the tree.

Feed Your Tree

This isn’t a must, but some people swear by the practice. Drop a tablespoon of corn syrup or table sugar into the tree stand to keep the tree well fed. Perhaps conduct a study of your own to see if the additives make a difference in this tree’s health over last year’s tree.

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