Rekindle Your Romance

By Caitlin Hamer

Why You Need A Couple’s Massage This Valentine’s Day

Are you feeling uninspired by the usual options for Valentine’s Day dates? Then consider a couple’s massage! You and your partner will both get to indulge in some pampering and you’ll enjoy some luxurious quality time with each other.

Anyone who has had a massage knows all about the healing qualities they offer. From soothing sore muscles, to relieving stress, a massage is a wonderful way to show both yourself and your partner some love.

“It’s a perfect way to do something different and intimate with your partner,” says Brooke Davis, Massage Department Manager at Perfect Balance Day Spa in Lodi. “Both get benefits from it – spending time together, relaxing together, and it’s different than your typical date of going to a dinner and a movie.”

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