Cute as a Button

By Copper Williams

When you’re out and about with your honey in downtown Stockton on Valentine’s Day, you better be wearing your button! What button, you ask? Why the one our lovely friends with Downtown Stockton Alliance have been passing out all month!

Each year, those lucky souls spotted sporting their “Love You Baby” buttons are selected to receive a free lunch, courtesy of Downtown Stockton Alliance. But the perks don’t end there. Enjoy a bundle of balloons, chocolate, and a chance to pose with DSA’s selfie frame, capturing this moment to be shared on social media. Now isn’t that something sure to put a smile on your honey’s face? Reach out to Downtown Stockton Alliance to find out where to snag a button.

Feel the Love with:
Downtown Stockton Alliance
125 Bridge Pl., 3rd Floor, Stockton
(209) 464-5246