Mixology at Home

Think you need to leave home to enjoy that cocktail? Building your own home bar is actually quite simple, with just a handful of tools, you’ll be hosting your own speakeasy in the comfort of your own living room. While we can help you become a mature mixologist in no time when following this guide, establishing a secret password for your new at-home speakeasy is on you. Keep reading to get started.


Quality Spirits

Less is more when it comes to setting up your own home bar. Be sure to stock your bar with quality liquor that you enjoy and ask your friends what their favorite varieties of liquors are, too. Purchasing one at a time is helpful to keep costs down (perhaps a new bottle with a featured cocktail each month?) We suggest having whiskey, white rum, Scotch, gin, bourbon, rye, vodka, and brandy on hand, to keep your drink menu varied.


Mixers, Modifiers, & Garnishes

Unless you are simply pouring shots, be sure to stock a few mixers and modifyers such as sweet and dry vermouth (for martinis and Manhattans), Campari (think Negronis and Americanos) and Cointreau (for those margaritas, cosmopolitans, and mimosas). You will also want some aromatic bitters; we suggest beginning with orange but there are many you can try. A lemon, lime, and orange variety will amp up your menu with fresh flavor and bright color, as will fresh mint, basil, and thyme, and a quality jar of Luxardo maraschino cherries.


Bar Tools & Glassware

Again, quality over quantity, when choosing bar tools and glassware. It’s better to invest in a few good pieces that will last a long time rather than unreliable tools. Keep things simple and be sure to have a mixing glass and long-handled spoon, jigger for measuring, Boston shaker for drinks with fruit juice and egg whites, and Hawthorn strainer for those pesky bits of fresh herbs we mentioned above. Other tools that will come in handy are a sharp paring knife and peeler for citrus, ice-molds (do everyone a favor and get one with a lid so that your cocktails don’t taste like that fish you froze!), and a well-prepared playlist with proper lighting to match the mood.