Nash + Tender is turning up the heat with creative menu items

Hot Chicken Gets Funky

Nash + Tender came on the scene as Stockton’s first real Nashville-style hot chicken restaurant, a trend that has serious traction in the 2020s. But the eatery didn’t stop there. In addition to adding a new restaurant—a Lodi location next to the Lodi Movie Theater and Mimosa’s Gourmet—Nash + Tender is also expanding its menu with some very outside-of-the-sandwich thinking.

Nash + Tender started with a collection of hot chicken restaurant favorites, from hot chicken sandwiches to the stylized crinkle-cut fries. But since opening, Nash + Tender has added some funky food concoctions to the line-up, committing itself to a mash-up of flavors. Below, we explore some of the restaurant’s popular specials aside from the tenders that made it famous.

Tender Taco Combo – This fusion uses two signature hot chicken tenders (in your choice of hear) as the base, then loads the tortilla with pickles, coleslaw, special sauce, and fries for an epic result. $10

Nashrito – These breakfast-style burrito is so exclusive you can only order it at the Lodi location. The burrito is loaded with hot chicken, eggs, cheese, and mac and cheese inside of a warm flour tortilla. Plus, it’s all tossed in Nash + Tender’s special sauce. To order it online, you’ll have to navigate to the secret menu on the website’s Lodi tab under the Clover online ordering platform. $9

Chicken & Waffles – If you’re a fan of this Southern comfort combo, you’ll go ga-ga over the Hot Chicken & Waffle. A crisp waffle topped with hot chicken in your choice of heat and drizzled with maple syrup. Plus, don’t forget the coleslaw and pickle—they are staples at Nash + Tender! $8

Waffle Sandwich – If you like the chicken and waffle combo, don’t pass up the chance to try the Waffle Sandwich. The sandwich uses a waffle crust instead of a bun that is then stacked with hot chicken (again, your choice of heat), mac n’. cheese, coleslaw, pickles, and special sauce. $11

The Drinks are Crazy, Too!
A Crazy Claw is customer’s choice of a White Claw or Truly, topped with a Chamoy mix,—a Mexican condiment made with fruit, chilies, and lime juice—sour gummy worms, and two jolly ranchers. The result is a funky hard seltzer beverage with an extra dash of flavor that jump ropes the line between sweet and spicy. Available at the Stockton location only.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Rodrigo Pedraza, @pdrazamedia

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