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It’s safe to say, we never thought we’d be able to order cocktails to-go from our favorite local restaurants. But when the Coronavirus pandemic hit California, everything we ever knew about the food and beverage industry went out the door. The Department of Alcohol and Tobacco, a government agency known for its strict rules, relaxed the law to allow restaurants to serve cocktails to go. It’s like all our dreams finally came true.

Bourbonberry Cocktail

$12 for 8 oz.

Towne Corner Café and Market

Bourbonberry, a magical potion of Bourbon, strawberry simple syrup, rosemary, and lemon is off the charts refreshing. Subject to change based on the season.


Maker’s Mark Manhattan

$10 small, $20 large

Papapavlos Bistro and Bar

A classic cocktail served in style. If you opt for the larger version, you get to keep the engraved mini Maker’s Mark bottle.


Basil Daisy

$16 for 16 oz,. $30 for 32 oz.

West Oak Nosh

One of our all-time favorite drinks from Nosh served in a mason jar for easy transportation. Vodka, Aperol, and grapefruit blend into the ideal summer sipper.


Mimosa Kit

Price TBD

Mimosa Gourmet

Who doesn’t love Mimosas? We love the fact we can grab the entire kit in one spot, and breakfast too!

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