12 Wines to Try

1)  January

You can never go wrong with a bottle of bubbly. Especially, when ringing in the New Year. There is something about the tiny effervescent bubbles and the clinking of glasses that will make you want to keep the celebration going!

2) February

February is for lovers and nothing says I love you like the combination of dark chocolate and port. A fortified dessert wine, port makes the perfect pairing to your Valentine’s Day desserts!

3) March

When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, why not skip the Guinness and reach for a crisp, dry vermentino? The unique combination of corned beef and vermentino just might blow your mind.

4) April

Pinot Noir is a Bordeaux varietal that oenophiles love to sip. Low in tannins, bold with flavors of ripe red fruit, and highly acidic, this wine is food friendly. Pair it with your Easter ham or turkey.

5) May

In May, we drink zinfandel! After all, it’s the month where Lodi wine country hosts its biggest festival of the year—ZinFest. And here in Lodi, we make the good stuff.

6) June

As the weather warms up, we look to a lighter red wine to pour at dinner. Grenache is a beautifully expressive varietal that is light in tannins, easy to drink, and easy to pair with food.

7) July

Because when it’s hot outside, we reach for rosé. Nothing is as refreshing as the soft pink juice with bright acidic qualities. Heck, if it’s hot enough, you can even make a slushie out of your favorite rosé.  

8) August

Sauvignon Blanc is the ultimate summertime sipper. With zippy citrus and crisp fruit, you can pour yourself a glass or two while relaxing poolside.

9) September

International Albariño Day is in September, so why not celebrate all month long with some of Lodi’s finest albariños? There are a dozen local wineries making this delightful Spanish varietal—and they are crafting them with finesse. 

10) October

Barbera is the wine of the month. This Italian varietal grown in Lodi is one of the area’s finest red wines. Light enough to enjoy with or without food and elegant beyond words.

11) November

To honor tempranillo, several Lodi wineries host a Tour of Tempranillo, where folks can get a passport and sample a taste of the tasty juice. It’s also one of our favorite wines to pair with cheese.

12) December

When celebrating the holidays, there is only one varietal that can stand up to the cause. Cabernet sauvignon is the ultimate wine to sip while indulging in prime rib and potatoes on Christmas Day—or any other day of the month.

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