Cupid’s Kiss

By Copper Williams

Our favorite drink stop in Tracy has yet again found a means to convert seasonal flavors into liquid form!

Make way for Cupid’s Kiss, a milk tea that’s a match made in heaven for anyone utterly in love with Valentine’s Day. Spoonfuls of heart jellies swirl amid waves of strawberry-tinged milk tea. With a trace of crème brûlèe syrup mixed right in, the concoction is gently layered in whipped cream.

Once accented with the macaron of the day, refreshingly crisp, light on the palate, and always so sweet, Cupid’s Kiss is ready for a landing. And that begs the question, will that kiss be planted on someone special, or will temptation prove too great for your sweet tooth? Only one way to find out!

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563 W. Clover Rd., Tracy