Technicolored Butterfly Bliss

Story & Photo By Copper Williams

Somewhere over the rainbow isn’t quite so far away when you’re exploring the drink menu at POP, Tracy’s latest trending drink venue with options fit to tickle any fickle taste buds. And when it comes to their sip-worthy sensations, POP knows how to put the flavor and the fun into color-changing duos like the Butterfly Love and the Butterfly Kiss.

You read that right! These beauties will shift their hue before your very eyes. Tangle with the Butterfly Lover to experience calamansi juice, pineapple, and strawberry heart jellies. And the Butterfly Kiss is just oh-so-sweet in its own blend of calamansi juice, watermelon, and lychee jelly splendor. Drop in with someone special before to ease that summer heat!

563 W. Clover Rd., Tracy