Candle in the Window

By Copper Williams

Carole’s Candles hosts their own boutique in Stockton

A hidden gem has taken residence on Country Club Boulevard in Stockton. From behind the large pane windows where a signature ribbon curl rests, sits tables of brilliantly colored pillar candles, shaped into glistening jewels at their very peaks. Crested in snow-capped whites and vivid reds, verdant greens and more, the entrancing scent sneaks out and into the crisp open air every time the front door opens wide, bringing cause for pause in passerby.

These hints of forest pine and cinnamon-laced apples, candy canes, and winter storms are the work of mother and son duo Carole Seitz and Tom Maples—the creators of Carole’s Candles. “We started out in the 90s, selling our candles at the Farmers Market on Main Street,” explains Tom.

 The candles had been a combination of art and heart prepared in Carole’s very own kitchen for years while she fought breast cancer. After treatment, it became more passion than mere hobby. Tom helped to usher the business into the wholesale industry; and from there, the candles began popping up in stores across the United States.

“But, we wanted a place where people in our local community could go to buy [a candle], instead of our website, since we no longer go to the market,” says Carole.

“We had discussed the possibility of moving the manufacturing to its own shop,” Tom describes. “And we really liked the idea of a storefront, so people could see how the candles are made and what it is that we do.”

Only a few years later, and Carole’s Candles now hosts a marvelous array of seasonal themed votives, pillars, and tapers in the shop, having celebrated its grand opening this past September. “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on a few different fronts,” says Tom. “People are really touched about the story of [Carole]’s breast cancer survival and charitable work.”

And, like the story behind Carole’s Candles, each culmination of wick and scent, wax and hue is breathtaking. If you’re ever in town and in dire need of a gift for someone special—yourself included—drop in. The candles make for a perfect centerpiece. “We have gift baskets that we do, with complimentary gift wrapping,” says Carole. “And a whole line of bath salts that complement the fragrance of each candle.”

Find your favorite amongst dozens, or wait it out to find what next season’s scent-sational arrivals have in store.


For More Information:
1917 Country Club Blvd., Stockton
(209) 451-3314


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