Aloha, Shave Ice!

Copy & Photo By: Copper Williams

Windswept palms, a bonfire pit, and sun-kissed bamboo. You’re en route to an oasis away from your worries, and just a spoonful from tropical bliss. Is this the Caribbean? Perhaps a trip down under? Or maybe you’ve finally visited the warm sands of paradise-incarnate: Hawaii. If you chose that third option, you’re not far from delectable reality.

Sunset Sweets is the one-stop shop for all your dessert-driven desires, and we had the honor of sampling their popular Rainbow Shave Ice—Hawaiian style! A scoop of ice cream (though we recommend vanilla or coconut) is dropped at the very bottom of the cup and covered in thinly shaven ice. Blue raspberry, wild cherry, and banana syrup is doused on top. Next comes sweet, sweet condensed milk, drizzled right over. And finally, a light dusting of Ling Hing Mui powder is sashayed above all, providing a unique sweet and sour concoction that’s a kick to any food lover’s taste buds!

Grab A Spoon At:
Sunset Sweets
2414 W. Kettleman Ln., #210, Lodi
(209) 327-6067