Three Cheers for Cherries!

By Copper Williams

May 20th

Looking for a tasty escape in May? Take a drive through rows of walnut and apple trees, ripening vineyards, and soon enough you’ll find the cozy town of Linden, gearing up for an exciting day-long festival honoring one of the most well-known fruits growing in their neck of the woods: Cherries! Enjoy Linden’s Cherry Festival parade, featuring this year’s Cherry Queen and her court! Once you’re done, head on out to Linden’s elementary school grounds!

It’s here where the fun begins! Let your little ones loose in the carnival and cheer on the contestants in the annual pie-eating contest! Or let your own prowess show by participating in the cherry bake-off! Browse booths filled with food, and listen to an array of live bands.

Find Your Way To:
Linden Cherry Festival
18100 E. Front St., Linden
(209) 547-3046